Cork traffic woes: 'Even minor accidents are clogging up the whole city at this point'

This piece contains comments I made in relation to increased traffic congestion in Cork. You will find the original article here

UCC economist Frank Crowley said that while a bit of congestion in a city can be a good sign of prosperity, Cork is clearly suffering from the growing pains of poor transport planning.

“The city currently has over 70% car dependency and suffers from a complete underinvestment in public transport and cycling networks,” he said.

Mr Crowley said that this is clearly an outcome of making poor political and planning choices at national and local level.

“Even minor accidents are clogging up the whole city at this point, resulting in lost hours of productivity, increased levels of emissions, increased stress and it’s damaging people’s quality of life,” Mr Crowley said.

“The European Commission has estimated that the costs of congestion, accidents, emissions, and pollution of road transport in Ireland is around €14bn per annum.”

Mr Crowley said that this will eventually drive investment and businesses away to cities that are less congested.

“Cork needs to wise up and start investing almost entirely in sustainable transport options if we want the region to grow and achieve the population and employment objectives set out in Ireland 2040,” he added.