Light rail system, new bus lanes part of Cork city transport strategy

An economist at University College Cork said huge investments must be made in public transport in Cork city in order to make it an attractive place for businesses.

Dr Frank Crowley pointed out that Cork is positioned to be the fastest-growing city in the Ireland 2040 report, with a population growth of over 50%.

It was clear, he said, that public transport needed to be the priority in any transport strategy, otherwise the city would not grow properly.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, he that car dependency in Cork is at 74%.

Dr Crowley said one of the key issues was a lack of people living in the city core and he believed the Luas would be critical to unlocking apartment building within the city.

He added that this would a "be a bit of a gamble" but that it was a 'chicken and egg' situation.

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