Automation and Irish Towns: Who's Most at Risk?

Today we held the CUBS/SRERC creative rural economy workshop. 120 academics, business practitioners and social entrepreneurs attended the workshop. Delegates attended from Enterprise Ireland, Government Departments, the Regional Assemblies, Local Development Agencies, County Councils and other bodies.

The event and my research report (co-authored with Dr Justin Doran) launched on the day `Automation and Irish Towns' made national headlines on all major national, regional and local TV and radio stations throughout the day.

It made the front page of all national newspapers and reached regional and local media outlets (at least 87 articles). I made numerous radio interviews on the findings of the research, TV interviews for RTE NEWS, an online video for UCC and wrote an Op-Ed for The Irish Independent.

Interview on RTE One O'Clock, Six O Clock and Nine O Clock News about `Automation and Irish Towns report. 22-02-2019

Interview on RTE Radio Morning Ireland about `Automation and Irish Towns report'. 22-02-2019.

Interview on Newstalk's Breakfast on `Automation and Irish Towns Report'. 22-02-2019.

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