Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past

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From 1971 to 2016, over 100,000 houses were completed in County Cork and less than 30,000 were completed in Cork city. We stopped people from having the opportunity to but close to the city by restrictive land policies (greenbelts). For half a century, we have been building houses where people do not want or need them, and in locations that are further from people’s places of work. We have constrained the supply of development land around our cities in favour of development towards more unsustainable locations in more rural commuting towns.


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We need to change the model and the above statistics between Cork County Council and Cork City Council is signalling we are not learning from our past mistakes. If we continue to make the availability of housing greater in County areas relative to City areas we will just continue to increase sprawl and put more pressure on our public transport system and increase car dependency and car traffic. 



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