Regional Resilience in Ireland

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Regional Economic Resilience Across Ireland – The Importance of Adaptive Resilience

Justin Doran and Frank Crowley

Spatial and Regional Economics Research Centre (SREIC)

Department of Economics

Cork University Business School

University College Cork


This paper analyses the resilience of Irish regions to the 2007 economic crisis. The central focus of the paper is on the role of structural change in determining how resistant Irish regions were to the crisis and also regions’ ability to recover following the crisis. Data is derived from the Irish censuses of 2006, 2011, and 2016 as is at electoral division level, of which there are over 3,400 in Ireland. Resilience indices are calculated and are used as dependent variables in cross sectional spatial econometric models which assess the impact of structural change over the period of crisis (2006-2011) and recovery (2011-2016). The use of spatial econometrics allows for the presence of spillovers and the spatial transmission of shocks to be explicitly accounted for in our modelling approach. The results suggest that industry structure is critical in explaining regional variation in employment responses and recovery across Ireland.