Cork City North-West is the Most Disadvantaged Local Electoral Area in Ireland

Above is Relative affluence or disadvantage of Local Electoral Areas (LEA) in Ireland. The map may be of particular interest to Cork people. The most disadvantaged Local Electoral Area (LEA) in Ireland is Cork City North-West indicating that deprivation is both an urban and rural phenomenon.

The 2016 Pobal HP Deprivation Index (Haase and Pratschke, 2016) provides a method of measuring the relative affluence or disadvantage of a particular geographical area. It takes into account changes in population, age-dependency, education, lone parent status, unemployment and public housing in areas.

This is also available at small area level which enables researchers to identify pockets of deprivation or affluence in particular villages, towns and cities. Above is Cork city and the variability throughout the city is very evident indicating a mixed environment in terms of deprivation outcomes. The index is available here. Luckily, as a member of SREIC - I have been granted access to the data at SAPS level. I know that I will get valuable use out of this indicator when using it for future research ideas. Below is the outcome at SAPS level for Dublin.