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Road to ERSA 2018! Entrepreneurship, Social Capital, and Wellbeing  Workshop

On November 2nd, 2017 I presented at the Road to ERSA Workshop. The Workshop Topic was: Spatial Aspects of Entrepreneurship, Social Capital, and Wellbeing Workshop. I presented on the importance of tolerance as a measure of social capital in determining life satisfaction in Europe which is new work of mine co-authored with Dr Edel Walsh (CUBS, UCC)

A number of presenters took part in the workshop including (1) Richard Rijnks, University of Groningen on “The Value of a Happy Home”.

(2) Marta Zieba, University of Limerick on “What impact did the Great Recession have on the social norm to work? New evidence from panel data at the regional, local, and friend-group levels”

(3) Maria Abreu, University of Cambridge on “Feeling good? Household heterogeneity and spatial variations in entrepreneurial wellbeing”