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Where has Irish house price growth happened in recent years (2012-2017)?

Above is a depiction of a two story Ireland - East and West. Most parts of Ireland are experiencing high price growth but the rate of the growth varies considerably. Most roads are leading to Dublin where the Dublin City Region is experiencing most of the high positive increases in Median house price. The city and county of Galway and parts of Cork and Kilkenny are also experiencing high positive house price growth. The West and Midlands are experiencing most of the fall. It should also be noted that there was also significant variation at the starting point (2012) of the percentage change measure - i.e house prices were already at least 4 times higher in parts of Dublin relative to the midlands and West. The spatial divergence in house prices is increasing. As a note - median house prices (the most common type of house) give a more realistic picture of what is happening with house price changes. This measure is technically more accurate than the mean as it is less affected by a few unusually high or low sales prices. Data is from the CSO.