A Story of very different Housing Pyramids and the East/West Divide

As can be identified in the graph (Picture on right) the Western side of the island has a much older population, relative to the Eastern side. The housing market (& job market) is increasingly being polarized into a West/East divide over time. Two distinctive generational housing pyramids are emerging in the Republic. Increased population in the East (largely due to natural population increases and migration effects from rural to urban areas) competing for their share of the Dublin Market (their share of a land monopoly), resulting in rising and higher house prices over time in this location - a pyramid - fewer house options for a younger population. In contrast, a falling population in the West (largely due to out-migration from West to East), resulting in an ever emerging and future 'tombstone' housing profile, in this part of the Island, as the demand for housing in these locations fall producing an upside down pyramid - many and increasing housing options for a younger population. This divide is reflected in Median national house price variations (picture on left). Houses in South Dublin for instance can be five time and more higher than houses in the West.