The Role of the Creative Industries in stimulating Business Innovation in Ireland

I am presenting this working paper on:

The Role of the Creative Industries in stimulating Business Innovation in Ireland

Wednesday 1st November 2017

12 noon

Venue: Aras na Laoi, Room 2.15, University College Cork

For more information see below abstract.

Presenting Author: Frank Crowley

Co-author(s) Justin Doran

Abstract: The idea of creativity as a source of innovation and competitiveness has received greater attention from academics, planners and policymakers in recent years. Florida (2002) stresses the importance of creativity to entrepreneurship, innovation, art and culture. Firms in the creative industries are normally seen as innovative. Despite the increased focus of creativity in the theoretical literature there is still a dearth of empirical evidence on the spatial story and the role creative industries play in explaining innovation outcomes (Lee and Rodríguez-Pose, 2014). This paper attempts to address this gap. The data used is the Community Innovation Survey 2012. In addition, data at the electoral district (ED) regional level, of which there are approximately 3,400 in Ireland, on the proportion of the workforce employed in creative industries is used. Creative industries are defined as in Lee and Rodríguez-Pose (2014) based on NACE Rev2 4-digit categories. A series of probit models are estimated to analyse the impact of being in the creative industries on firm level innovation output and also the impact of a firm being located in a region in which there are high levels of employment in creative industries. The results suggest that firms in creative industries are more likely to introduce new product innovations (both new to the market and new to the firm). Firms in the creative industry are no more likely to introduce process innovations than firms in other industries.


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