*This was published in the Carrigdhoun Edition 24-02-2018 here 

To be fair, Cork is to the forefront of Ireland’s project 2040 document which outlines the spatial planning vision of national government through the National Planning Framework (NPF) and the key capital de...

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From 1971 to 2016, over 100,000 houses were completed in County Cork and less than 30,000 were completed in Cork city. We stopped people from having the opportunity to but close to the city by restrictive land policies (greenbelts). For half a century, we h...

There is no sound to this slide video.This presentation took place at the CLRG Third Annual Public Lecture  and was based on an RTÉ Brainstorm publication on 'How Local Government Failed Cork', available here  

The Struggle for the City: The Local Government i...

Here is a link to the Irish Examiner article which included reference to some my views. 

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By Pádraig Hoare

Balanced development cannot be achieved and trying to achieve it would be counter-productive for national prosperity, an expert on regional economics has...

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Cork, Ireland


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'A good city is like a good party. People don't want to leave early.'

'First Life, then spaces, then buildings, the other way around never works' 


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