August 31, 2017

AUTHOR(S) Frank Crowley and Declan Jordan

Presented at ERSA 2017 in GRONINGEN August 31st 2017


A key concept in the economics of innovation is the ‘public good’ nature of knowledge. This generates a tension between incentivizing knowledge production by allowing k...

August 23, 2017

Ed Glaeser, Richard Florida, Terry Clark, and Jane Jacobs (prominent urban theorists) argued that cities are intellectual breeding grounds for new ideas and innovations. They were not alone – it is now a stylised fact in the discipline that cities are significant drive...

The OPW (Offfice of Public Works) has recently agreed to re-examine the cost of building a tidal barrage as it finalises the design of Cork’s €140m flood defence scheme. Originally, the OPW dismissed the tidal barrier on the River Lee for cost reasons. Over the past si...

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Cork, Ireland


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'A good city is like a good party. People don't want to leave early.'

'First Life, then spaces, then buildings, the other way around never works' 


Jan Gehl