Regional Overall Share of Employment since 2012 Dublin's share of the job pie increasing from 29-31%. 55% of job growth created in Ireland from 2012-2019Q2 was in Dublin city region (Dublin & Mid-East). From 2015Q2-2019Q2 this has increased to 60%.

The recently announced Ireland 2040 project has positioned the Cork city region for 50 per cent growth with a planned increase in population of 125,000 people for Cork city and suburbs. Cork Chamber has repeatedly made the argument that Cork could act as a counter bala...

I was on Morning Ireland discussing the cabinet sign off of Cork City Boundary. You can listen back here

Here is a link to the Irish Examiner article which included reference to some my views. 

Or as Below

By Pádraig Hoare

Balanced development cannot be achieved and trying to achieve it would be counter-productive for national prosperity, an expert on regional economics has...

This first appeared on RTÉ Brainstorm at the link here.

Opinion: the Ireland 2040 plan seeks balanced development throughout the country, but that's something which has historically proved elusive and stymies long term national growth

For most of humanity, humans have pr...

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Cork, Ireland


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