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Dublin needs to set Cork free, if Cork is to reach its full potential.

My piece from the excellent special edition on #Corkontherise in the Irish Examiner. Building sprawling , congested mini-Dublin's is the wrong direction our provincial cities should be taking. A lack of autonomy is constraining their potential to be more liveable, innovative and distinct. Full link available here:

Credit Union Development

Looking forward to presenting at the Credit union Summer School this June on 'Local embeddeness and Innovation: Relevance for Credit Union Development' For more info visit web page here here

Future Forms: our city in 200 years

The recent Future Forms project by the Glucksman at UCC, in collaboration with Cork Chamber, asked over 1,000 young people from across the wider community to imagine what Cork would look like in 200 years time and to think of ways we can shape our urban environment. This is what they come up and my economics third year class (The role of place for innovation) and I were happy to give our input to this project. Check out the video here

Cork, Ireland


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'First Life, then spaces, then buildings, the other way around never works' 


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