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Carrigaline needs careful sprawl repair.

We know that where you live can strongly determine your level of well-being. In 1971, Carrigaline had a population of 971 people. In the last census of 2016, it recorded a population of 15,770. In 1978, Cork county council and corporation published the Cork land use and transportation study (LUTS) and it has had a defining impact on shaping Cork. The commissioning of the study was to deal with the traffic problems in the city. People had faced congestion when navigating through the city, whether going East, West, North or South. The answers to the problem were car-driven and divided into a dichotomy of either build elevated roads on the quays and flyover motorways at key landmark points in

Cork, Ireland


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'A good city is like a good party. People don't want to leave early.'

'First Life, then spaces, then buildings, the other way around never works' 


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