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Cork City North-West is the Most Disadvantaged Local Electoral Area in Ireland

Above is Relative affluence or disadvantage of Local Electoral Areas (LEA) in Ireland. The map may be of particular interest to Cork people. The most disadvantaged Local Electoral Area (LEA) in Ireland is Cork City North-West indicating that deprivation is both an urban and rural phenomenon. The 2016 Pobal HP Deprivation Index (Haase and Pratschke, 2016) provides a method of measuring the relative affluence or disadvantage of a particular geographical area. It takes into account changes in population, age-dependency, education, lone parent status, unemployment and public housing in areas. This is also available at small area level which enables researchers to identify pockets of deprivation

Greenbelts in Cork

Cork County Council sure do love a greenbelt. Dark Green = no bloody way are we allowing the city expand in here, but if you're a town in here ... 'not a bother biy' build build...

We need a greater focus on the Creative Sector by Irish Policymakers in Ireland

This article first appeared on RTE Brainstorm available here The term ‘creative’ is popular, but a fuzzy concept. Humans are the carriers of knowledge and we are inherently creative. Human capital has long been identified as a major source of economic growth. Richard Florida (a leading author on economic competitiveness) stressed the important relationship between culture, creative occupations and innovation and he argued that creativity should be seen as an occupational based measure, rather than an educationally based one. He pointed out, that the educational measurement of human capital leaves out a small but incredibly influential group of entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates or Michael Dell,

Where has Irish house price growth happened in recent years (2012-2017)?

Above is a depiction of a two story Ireland - East and West. Most parts of Ireland are experiencing high price growth but the rate of the growth varies considerably. Most roads are leading to Dublin where the Dublin City Region is experiencing most of the high positive increases in Median house price. The city and county of Galway and parts of Cork and Kilkenny are also experiencing high positive house price growth. The West and Midlands are experiencing most of the fall. It should also be noted that there was also significant variation at the starting point (2012) of the percentage change measure - i.e house prices were already at least 4 times higher in parts of Dublin relative to the midl


How to fix the housing Crisis? With Karl Spain, David McWilliams & Aidan Regan. Thanks to Alina Kisina for great photos!

A Story of very different Housing Pyramids and the East/West Divide

As can be identified in the graph (Picture on right) the Western side of the island has a much older population, relative to the Eastern side. The housing market (& job market) is increasingly being polarized into a West/East divide over time. Two distinctive generational housing pyramids are emerging in the Republic. Increased population in the East (largely due to natural population increases and migration effects from rural to urban areas) competing for their share of the Dublin Market (their share of a land monopoly), resulting in rising and higher house prices over time in this location - a pyramid - fewer house options for a younger population. In contrast, a falling population in the


This is a presentation on recent research work by Frank Crowley and Justin Doran (CUBS, UCC) on the role of creative occupations and the cre

Road to ERSA 2018! Entrepreneurship, Social Capital, and Wellbeing  Workshop

On November 2nd, 2017 I presented at the Road to ERSA Workshop. The Workshop Topic was: Spatial Aspects of Entrepreneurship, Social Capital, and Wellbeing Workshop. I presented on the importance of tolerance as a measure of social capital in determining life satisfaction in Europe which is new work of mine co-authored with Dr Edel Walsh (CUBS, UCC) A number of presenters took part in the workshop including (1) Richard Rijnks, University of Groningen on “The Value of a Happy Home”. (2) Marta Zieba, University of Limerick on “What impact did the Great Recession have on the social norm to work? New evidence from panel data at the regional, local, and friend-group levels” (3) Maria Abreu, Uni

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