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The Role of the Creative Industries in stimulating Business Innovation in Ireland

I am presenting this working paper on: The Role of the Creative Industries in stimulating Business Innovation in Ireland Wednesday 1st November 2017 12 noon Venue: Aras na Laoi, Room 2.15, University College Cork For more information see below abstract. Presenting Author: Frank Crowley Co-author(s) Justin Doran Abstract: The idea of creativity as a source of innovation and competitiveness has received greater attention from academics, planners and policymakers in recent years. Florida (2002) stresses the importance of creativity to entrepreneurship, innovation, art and culture. Firms in the creative industries are normally seen as innovative. Despite the increased focus of creativity in the

Cities in 10, 50, 100 Years

Last Week I was asked about my views to a number of questions on Cities in 10, 50, 100 years. The article is available at this link. More of my detailed thoughts are below: How might our cities and rural areas evolve over the course of the lifetime of a baby born today - so over the next 10, 50 and 100 years? Will the dominance of the east coast of Ireland continue? The resource of the past and of the future is ideas. Innovation is the long term driver of economic growth and the past 100 years has shown that Individuals need face to face interaction to transfer knowledge and to learn from one another. Because of this we are witnessing a large migration of people from rural to urban areas and

How a land value tax could solve many economic headaches

This was first published on RTÉ Brainstorm on the 17th of September available at this link "LVT would have no impact on most people, but would ensure land is employed for its best use" Opinion: the introduction of a Land Value Tax would force people to be efficient with their use and ownership of land and help alleviate many of the Irish economy's current woes How do we solve the housing crisis? Ask the average person and they’ll say ‘build, build, build’. Urban planners are saying we need higher density and they argue this can be achieved without towers in the sky. They detest urban sprawl, describing it as a cancer on communities, identities, and the liveability of urban areas. They point

Cork City #Boundary

This is a simple, yet informative and effective video on the Cork city boundary, created by Cork city council. Important to think of our urban areas as functional urban areas with one functioning authority. Cities do not equal concrete. This needs to happen. However, I would have chosen a different boundary, for me, a drawback of the proposed boundary is that it does not take into some of Cork areas as per OECD boundary of FUA. The Harbour area for instance should be included based on commuting patterns. Ah......politics!! For more on FUA see my previous blog post - New city boundary should be a cause of concern for harbour community and, OECD FUA

Why we need to increase taxes to ensure economic stability #budget2018

This article first appeared in RTÉ BRAINSTORM here. In 2003, the 1995 Nobel Prize winner in Economics Robert Lucas, stated at an address of the annual meeting of the American Economic Association that the “central problem of depression-prevention has been solved, for all practical purposes”. Similarly, Governor of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke in 2004 declared we were in a time of ‘the great moderation’. Consensus was starting to circulate that the business cycle of booms and busts was a solved problem. This idea was also reflected in policy circles, for instance Gordon Brown, chancellor of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 repeatedly declared that there would be no more ‘boom and bus

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