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The effect of local entrepreneurial activity on firm R&D activity and profitability: Evidence fr

AUTHOR(S) Frank Crowley and Declan Jordan Presented at ERSA 2017 in GRONINGEN August 31st 2017 ABSTRACT A key concept in the economics of innovation is the ‘public good’ nature of knowledge. This generates a tension between incentivizing knowledge production by allowing knowledge creators appropriate the economic benefits and encouraging its diffusion to enhance the social return to knowledge creation. This paper addresses this tension by exploring the effect of greater local entrepreneurship on firms’ research and development activity. Where firms operate in localities that are characterized by greater entrepreneurship, measured by the rate of start-up businesses, there may be lower incenti

The Greenbelt Problem and the Daily Commute for Carrigaline and Crosshaven Residents

Ed Glaeser, Richard Florida, Terry Clark, and Jane Jacobs (prominent urban theorists) argued that cities are intellectual breeding grounds for new ideas and innovations. They were not alone – it is now a stylised fact in the discipline that cities are significant drivers of economic growth. The city also acts like an ‘entertainment machine’ that attracts creative and diverse people. And, it seems apparent that the human race also thinks there are greater economic opportunities in cities. The past century has seen a large migration of the human race from rural to urban areas. By 2050, Eurostat predicts about 80 per cent of the European population will be living in Urban areas. But urban areas

Place-making, the River Lee, Public Amenities and the OPW

The OPW (Offfice of Public Works) has recently agreed to re-examine the cost of building a tidal barrage as it finalises the design of Cork’s €140m flood defence scheme. Originally, the OPW dismissed the tidal barrier on the River Lee for cost reasons. Over the past six months, there has been strong opposition to the OPW plan to build 5.7km of walls around Cork city to prevent flooding. It has been opposed by a campaign group called Save Cork City, climate change expert Prof Devoy, economist Dr Declan Jordan, Michael Martin TD, former green party TD and Senator Dan Boyle and many city centre business owners and 1,250 submissions have been received from the public on the initial design. The r

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