with a particular interest in innovation, enterprise growth and development, regional development and regional policy ......

About Frank Crowley

Dr Frank Crowley is a lecturer in the School of Economics, UCC. He has published research articles on the topics of innovation, enterprise growth and development, management practices, regional development and policy in International and National peer reviewed journals.

Frank's primary research interests are in the area of innovation. Currently, he is working on a number of research projects. These include examining  the impact of automation on the future labour markets in Ireland and Europe;  the role of industrial structures and spatial economic resilience in Ireland;  peripheral rural development; the trade off between appropriability and absorptive capacity for innovation effort and the links between talent, tolerance, diversity, well-being and entrepreneurship in European Countries.

Frank has received researh awards for his work. He has won best presentation and best paper at the annual Regional Science Association International - British and Irish Section and he frequently presents his research at International conferences. He is in his second term as a member of the committee for the Regional Science Association International- British and Irish Section (RSAI-BIS). He was on the organising committee for the successul annual ERSA (European Regional Science Association) conference held in Cork in 2018. 

He is frequently invited to review academic papers for high quality scientific journals in Economics. Frank obtained his PhD training in the University of Groningen under the supervision of the world renowned regional economist Prof. Philip McCann.  Frank lectures on economics, innovation, regional development, policy intervention and enterprise growth and development at undergraduate and postgraduate level in UCC.

Frank has undertaken consultancy work for the government on regional and local development and he also contributes regularly to national and local media on economic issues through his #classroom2community initiative. 

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